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Successful Business-to-Business (B2B) Selling

"This hard-hitting, fast-moving book will show you how to sell more, faster and easier than you ever thought possible." Brian Tracy, author & speaker
"One of the greatest Coaches in Sales Training and Leadership! A must have?" Bill Brooks , author & speaker

Want to Improve your B2B Selling Results?

Every National Accounts sales person I have worked with - wants to improve their selling skills and their sales results. If you are looking for the answers to improving your results, then read on.  

The real problem in learning "how to be a better" B2B salesperson is the fact that 85+% of improvement seminars, books and articles are based upon traditional sales methods. These methods are most helpful for one time calls, small dollar, simple selling situations. Most B2B sales situations are multi-call, large dollar/budget, and complex. So how does a B2B sales person find a simple explanation on how to sell to major accounts, large National accounts and business accounts? Read on…

Selling to businesses is quite Simple. Yes, I said simple - I did not say easy! If it were easy then everyone would be doing it successfully. Yet, only 20% of the business to business sales people are selling consistently to large, major accounts. Why is this? The Top 20% have found that selling major accounts is SIMPLE - if you follow the sales process and condition your mindset to be a winner. Simple formula leading to Major Results!

So, are you ready to join the ranks of sales leaders?

Using Voss Graham's Three Games of Selling, you will learn the methods used by the sales winners.

Now Football Can Have New Meaning

Working with Sales Teams from coast to coast, I found that 85% of B2B sales people were avid sports fans - especially football. Since one of my passions in life is watching college football - what a match. I realized that college football is a highly competitive venue - just like major account selling.

The similarities between major account selling and college football were amazing. Winning programs are in the TOP 20 - usually the TOP 10 - year after year. Top Sales Teams and especially Top Sales People are at the top in their business - year after year. Sure, an occasional first timer breaks into the ranking for one year (a flash in the pan), yet, unless the program or the individual is grounded with success fundamentals - the year after year consistency is not!

Why Three Games?

Looking for the fundamentals of success in both college football and the top sales programs - I found Three Major Areas - or Games. Since people can learn to play a game, using the three games as a guide to learning the Secrets to Consistent Sales Success - was a no brainer. It's a simple plan - that requires discipline to execute.

Okay, let's look at the fundamentals or what you will find in the Three Games of Selling. There are three areas or games that are shared with you. The first is the Inner Game of Selling. It sets the winner's attitude into motion. The winner's edge is used to insure positive results - no matter what the conditions or adversity are in play.

The second fundamental or game is the Active Game of Selling. Since selling is a contact sport - just like football - you will need to master how you make contact with customers. This fundamental truth is one of the major keys to long term success. Communication and gaining rapport with all people leads to more wins in selling. Also, the level of practice was found to make a serious difference in selling success. Winning is rarely an accident, planning the game leads to positive results.

The third fundamental or game is the Selling Game of Selling. Here Strategy meets Tactics which lead to more wins. "Winging it" is not a strategy, nor a tactic. Learn the methods of the winners use to increase their odds of winning in every game.

Recommended by:

Houston Business Women's magazine as a book for its readers to learn about selling. November 2006 issue



Bill Bonnstetter, Chairman of TTI Performance Systems

"The Three Games of Selling is a must read, if you want to learn how to sell to other businesses. Simple and direct methods to winning sales"




Jerry Houston, President / CEO, Houston Associates

"Good job. It is clear that this book came right from your heart. Good, common sense advice."





Don Klassen
Klassen Performance Group

"I very much enjoyed your new book! The football metaphor really works and personalizes the sales approach in a way that never happens with books on selling. The content is easy to follow and memorable because of it's simplicity."



In the Inner Game, you will find how to think like a winner:

  • The Starting Point for Personal Sales Leadership
  • How Behavioral Style Impacts your Level of Success
  • What can show you objective data about yourself
  • How Flexibility leads to communication and sales success
  • What Personal Priorities drive Performance and Sales Success
  • The Difference in Mindset between winners and losers - know the difference.
  • How to use the Winners Formula
  • Combining long term vision with winning today
  • The Power of Inner Strength to deliver performance every time you need it.
  • Learn what gives you Perserverance in the face of Adversity
  • How Self-Talk can make or break your career
  • What kills your Initiative every time - even if you don't want to stop
  • How your Choices impact your results
  • Learn what is the most critical factor for your personal success
  • Something you can do everyday to build Maturity and Character
  • The Number One thing you can do to stop losing and start winning
  • Why Experience is no Guarantee of High Performance
  • A little known fact for showing your true level of intelligence
  • What you can do everyday to elevate yourself to superstar status


In the Active Game, you learn that selling to businesses is a contact sport - just like football. Except you do not go around tackling and blocking your customers (even if you really want to do it to some customers!) You do have to communicate - clearly and strategically - to everyone that you meet.

Therefore, in the Active Game, I reveal the secrets of action like:

  • What is more effective in getting your message to the customer
  • How using Questions can improve your Results
  • What is the most important skill in actively engaging with others
  • The little known (and used) method of learning how your customer makes a decision
  • Learn the method used to make the customer know you view them as important
  • What tells you about your natural Strengths and Weaknesses in Communicating with Others
  • How to deliver an offer the customer will say "yes" to every time
  • What Winners Attribute can you start using today and win more often
  • How a Personal Kaizen program gets you to the top the fastest
  • The indispensable secret for actually getting your skills to the Next Level for success
  • The most important technique for freeing up space in your brain and accelerate your success
  • The role of "perfect practice" in delivering higher levels of execution for success in sales

Finally, in the Selling Game, you learn how strategy and tactics working together lead to "bigtime" sales success. The principles are simple, yet, discipline is needed for the proper execution of these simple rules for success.

In the Selling Game, you will learn the following principles to insure your sales success:

  • What is the most important thing to do before you start
  • How to know what is possible in your sales success
  • Using your own knowledge and insights to build a base for sales success
  • The one time you must manage every day
  • Waiting on this to happen - insures failure rather than success
  • A key alignment technique drives more sales success
  • One thing you can do to improve your chances of success
  • What determines the amount of time to invest with any customer
  • How to increase your Winner's Edge with customers
  • When adjusting your strategies or tactics improves your odds of success
  • Learn the two key traits of successful sales people
  • What two things the elite sales person is thinking about every moment of the day
  • Short Term or Long Term - which focal point will you use and when
  • What our main job is as a sales person - winners know the answer
  • The one thing you can earn but cannot buy
  • Share this with customers to gain crebibility
  • Who carries both direct and indirect influence over your success
  • This factor allows you to be known, to know others and to elevaluate situations and people
  • Know what can elevate your probability of favorable decisions
  • When leading for a deal, know what not to do
  • Know what tactics to change based upon the current "score"
  • How "Play to Win" is the winning formula for success
  • What to do to set yourself up as a future winner
  • A Golden Rule that improves your success rate
  • What tactic to use to overcome the "established" odds and win going away
  • Learn the most important bias you must possess if you want to be a winner

As an added Bonus, you are provided with a special section called the "Economic Scouting Report." This guides you in your interaction with different customers (and companies) to clearly identify the business philosophies they use. This gives you the advantage. You will know what type of offer meets the needs of the customer. No wasted effort or money! Improve your winning percentages using this easy to understand guide.



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Copyright 2006 Voss W Graham